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Insights From a Genius (not me)

14 Feb

I have no idea where my blog is going, or if it will be read by anyone, ever. I thought I knew where it was going, then just started writing about anything and everything. In a couple of short months, life has taken some drastic turns for me, #1 being my Postpartum Depression diagnosis. That in and of itself was intense but it has brought on some problems, or forks in the road so to speak.  After writing my weekly mURPHY’S lAW mONDAY today, I wondered where on earth I was going with this whole thing.  I intended to write about kinda green living.  But I can’t do that every day, because it’s not 100% of who I am.  I’m a whole lotta’ different things all rolled up into one (currently) pregnant, blonde-topped package.  All I did know, was that I can only write in my voice.  I don’t like writing in someone else’s voice.  Or not in a voice.  I like writing as though I’m talking to you.  But about what?  That I do not know.  Er…I mean…I DO know, but it’s a lot of things, not just one or two.

Tonight as I was reading one of my absolute favorite blogs, I ran across a post that the author wrote the day before Madilyn’s 1st birthday, (not that, that really matters).  It is about 10 Important Things she had learned about blogging. All 10 spoke to me.  And I’m eternally grateful for this posting.  And for Ree, for that matter.  She has NO clue who I am but I adore her.  As do the masses.  And you should too.

The Pioneer Woman is seriously an inspiration to me as a mother, a blogger, a wife, a photographer, a cook, and as a woman.  I LOVE her voice.

So yes, the insights she gives in the Ten Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging, are awesome.  Especially for a budding blogger like myself.

Thanks, Ree!

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