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Catch Me at my NEW BLOG!

11 Jun

I have transferred everything over to my new blog called Banana Hammocks & Tutus, but am still in the process of branding and setting the site up the way that I want it.  It will be the same content (I PROMISE) but with a new name and URL.  I just felt as though the whole “rebel” part of RebelCrunchMama didn’t really go along with what I was writing and where I wanted to go with this blog.  In short, things took a different direction than I originally thought they would and I love so much more the way that I’m going.  I’m excited about the future of my new blog and hope you are too.  So please come join me.  Re-subscribe there and continue to laugh with me, cry with me, and enjoy life with my crazy little family.  You won’t regret it, I promise.

PLUS!  I have some giveaways in the works and you won’t want to miss them.  Fun stuff is amiss at Banana Hammocks & Tutus!  Come join us!


Sunday Confessional: We Bed-Share

29 May

When Madilyn was 3 weeks old and I had been able to squeeze in a total of about .8 hours of sleep in those 3 weeks, we invested in an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper.

Source: Arm’s Reach Concepts

Prior to that, the only way that she would sleep was on my chest so we couch-surfed for those first 3 weeks.  It was uncomfortable for me and dangerous for her.  I didn’t sleep.  At all.  I was too afraid of smothering her between my rolls and the cushions.

Upon receipt of the Co-Sleeper, we learned the proper way to swaddle (Thank you, Dr. Karp!) and utilized the Co-Sleeper that night.  Our first night of using it, she slept 4 hours in a row.  I thought I’d won the lottery!

Sleep was much less evasive at that point and we utilized the Co-Sleeper until Madilyn was 5.5 months old.  She began crawling at 5 months old and would crawl into bed with me (Kyle had moved to Georgia for a job and we were still in Florida).  Unfortunately, when she got in bed with me all she wanted to do was nurse.  She wouldn’t sleep unless my breast was in her mouth and I wouldn’t sleep when my breast was in her mouth.  At that point, I moved her to her crib, in her room and all was right with the world.

In (or out) comes Grady.  Kyle and I invested in a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed last summer and we upgraded from a Queen to an Olympic Queen which added 6″ to our sleep surface.  It doesn’t sound like a lot of extra space but you’d be amazed at how much extra space that 6″ adds.

When we got home from the hospital with Grady, we just put him in bed with us.  We had the Co-Sleeper attached to the bed but we didn’t use it.  There was just something right about having Grady there with us.  He slept like an angel from the first night and I’ve been blessed to only have (maybe) 2 “bad” nights with him.  Our “bad” nights are more like a regular newborn’s “good” nights so I really can’t complain.

Having Grady in bed with us has not been scary or dangerous (in my opinion) because we have the co-sleeper attached to my side of the bed and we use a tightly-rolled up sheet between Kyle & me so that Kyle doesn’t roll over in his sleep.  Grady faces me, on his side, and I cuddle him while we slumber.  Should he roll over, he would roll into the co-sleeper and likely wouldn’t even wake up.

Grady – 10 weeks

Seeing as Grady is almost 3 months old, I decided to try to use the Co-Sleeper last night.  Grady and I had no trouble falling asleep, but at 1:05 I woke up with a start to check on him (this was a first for me since we came home from the hospital).  Kyle was still awake and told me that he didn’t like Grady in the Co-Sleeper and that he couldn’t sleep until Grady was in bed with us.  He said that it just didn’t feel right.  So I gladly put Grady back in bed with us and we snuggled the night away.

I don’t know how much longer we’ll Bed-Share with Grady.  It all depends on him and whatever his sleeping habits may become.  When and if they begin to inhibit my precious sleep, we will find an alternative sleep situation.  But for now, this works for us.  He loves it, we love it, and we’re all very well rested and happy.

Movin’ on Up. Big Girl Bed: Take 1

26 May

So we’re reaching that time in our parental walk where we must seriously think about moving Madilyn to a “big girl bed”.  You know how it goes:  You walk into your sweet, innocent little girl’s room and she’s dangling from the side of the crib.  Yeah.  I had visions of her toppling over the side and onto her sweet little head, cracking it wide open on our…um…cheap carpet for about 24 hours before I decided that something needed to change.

The crib that we bought was supposed to be able to convert to a toddler bed but we didn’t know that we had to buy the conversion kit at that time.  Unfortunately it isn’t made anymore, so that’s where we arenow.  Do we buy her a toddler bed or do we buy her a single bed so that she can grow into it?  Styles was in a toddler bed before he ever went to a single but here are the problems I have with that now:

1. I’d have to buy a toddler bed.

2.  I’d also have to eventually buy her a bigger bed and a single mattress which just means more money in the long run.

3.  I’d have to buy Grady a crib mattress so that Madilyn could use her current mattress in the toddler bed.

4.  Toddler beds aren’t always the most sophisticated-looking things.  I’d like something that matches her room:  

5.  Moving her from crib to toddler bed is going to be difficult enough.  Do I really want to go through the transition again once she outgrows a toddler bed?

The things that make you go Hmmmmm….

The cons of buying her a single bed now instead of later are:

1.  I’d have to buy bed rails so that she doesn’t fall out

2.  I’d also have to buy a single mattress for the larger bed frame

The pros of having a single bed now instead of later are:

1.  We move beds ONE time.

2.  I can get something pretty that will match her room for a long time

3.  Grady can use Madilyn’s current crib mattress when he eventually goes to his own crib.

4.  Madilyn gets a brand spanking new single mattress!

OK.  Thank you for letting me talk that out.  My decision has been made.  We’ll get Madilyn a Big-girl single bed as opposed to a toddler bed.  In the long run, we will spend a lot less money.  I desperately want to get her something that she will not only grow into, but something sophisticated that matches her cute room.  This little bed is so sweet and would go GREAT with Madilyn’s current ivory furniture:

I’m sad to take her out of her crib.  It means she’s growing up and becoming more independent.  I also do NOT look forward to the up and down & playing around when she should be sleeping, but it’s just one of the many joys of parenthood, right?  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how the transition goes.  I’m certain it will be story-worthy.

Do you have any tips for moving your child from a crib to a bigger bed?  Or any funny stories to share?  I’d love to hear them!

Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

Wordless Wednesday

18 May

"I'm not gonna eat lunch with you. I'm gonna cross this cobblestone street a few thousand times"


16 May

Things happen in my life on a near-daily basis that prove Murphy’s Law as truth. Each Monday is dedicated to showcasing my life’s crazy moments.

I don’t get to shower every day.  There.  I said it.  I try to shower every day but it’s not always feasible.  The shower is PRIME real estate in my house.  It seems as though every time I get a few minutes to wet myself down and run a bar of soap over my skin, Grady is immediately in need of a marathon feeding session.  I never deny him milk so I usually sit down with him, clean and flowery smelling, and nurse him until his stomach is completely full.  Maybe even over-full.  Because as luck would have it, (or as Murphy’s Law would have it) his stomach runneth over.  EVERY time I get out of the shower and feed him, he pukes all over me.  In my clean (dried and straightened) hair, all over my clean and lotioned body, all over my brand new clean clothes.   This past week, he puked all over me then proceeded to fill his diaper to the point of explosion so that I was not only covered in vomit, but bright orange buttered-popcorn smelling poop.  Awesome.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Grady prefers me dirty.

If it can happen, it will happen.

Wordless Wednesday

11 May

Wordless Wednesday – Before & After

4 May

We have lived in our house for just over a year and are FINALLY getting around to sodding the back yard.  Thanks, Dad!

peaceful parenting: 10 Reasons to Sleep by Your Child

3 May

peaceful parenting: 10 Reasons to Sleep by Your Child.


2 May

Things happen in my life on a near-daily basis that prove Murphy’s Law as truth. Each Monday is now dedicated to showcasing my life’s crazy moments.

If it can happen, it will happen.

My third, wonderful child was born exactly 8 weeks ago today.  That Monday, Murphy’s Law was tested.

I was admitted into the hospital the morning of March 7, 2011 to get 2 bags of Penicillin due to a positive Group B Strep culture administered before my induction would begin.  The induction began at 11:30 after two full rounds of Penicillin and as a third round was administered.  Fast forward to 5:30PM and I still wasn’t in labor, despite the fact that the Pitocin was turned up to a 24 out of 30.  My doctor came in to check me and decided that we should break my water (like I said I’d never have done again) because the baby was still at a -5.  My water was broken at 5:45PM and my wonderful doctor stayed to monitor the baby and me until 6PM.  At 6PM I still had not had a contraction so my doctor decided to leave the hospital to check on another patient of hers that was at the other hospital just down the road.  This particular patient was a first time mom and had been progressing slowly all day so she thought she’d just hop over there, show her face, and come back to deliver my baby since I have a history of rapid labors.  I felt my first contraction around 6:15PM.  As history dictates, my contractions were pretty well one right after another but not super painful.  I had to pee at 6:55PM.  I had one contraction on the way to the restroom and one on the way back from the restroom.  I decided to jump up into the bed and lie on my side.  My next contraction caused a huge, strong reaction in my uterus and the nurse noticed the look on my face.  She checked my cervix and I was 8cm.  But in the next contraction I could feel the baby moving down into the birth canal.  My baby was born at 7:10PM into the hands of two nurses.

If your doctor leaves your hospital to check on a patient at another hospital because you’re not even in labor yet, you WILL have your baby in the one hour that she is gone.

If it can happen, it will happen.

Friday Fun Facts

29 Apr

Fact:  I talk to myself a LOT.

Fact:  If I did not talk to myself a LOT, I might forget how to use the English language.

Fact:  I use a lot of words that end in -ck or -cked such as locked, stuck, truck, duck.

Fact:  Madilyn pronounces each of those words “fock” or “cock”.  She also manages to make “hotdog” sound like an adult toy (cockog), and “color” sound like a night-time activity (cocker).

That is all.

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