Bye-Bye Poop!

17 May

We cloth diaper so when Madilyn poops, we dump it into the toilet and flush it.   As children begin to potty train, some are afraid of losing their poop so I have taught Madilyn to say “good bye” to her poop as we flush it so that [hopefully] she’s not afraid of losing it when potty training occurs.

I’m not quite sure when it happened but Madilyn rarely says “good bye” anymore without blowing kisses.  It happens to random strangers, her daddy, her grandparents, at bed time, and to her poop.

We flushed her poop this morning and, like hundreds of times before; she waved, said “bye-bye poop”, and blew multiple kisses to the stinky turd as it swirled its way to the underworld.

Getty Images

Why it was so much more riotous to me this morning, I’m not sure.  I do know, however; that I wanted to share.  If only we all loved our poop so much….


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